Amputee Support Group

Bob is hard at work developing an Amputee Support group focused on amputees partnering up on a ‘buddy’ system, so they can put two heads together to deal and cope with their major life changes. We all need support to get through our challenges, this does not, in any way shun community acceptance and support, it simply recognizes the troubleshooting needs of amputees and the valuable sharing between amputees. The focus of this group will be on reclaiming sport and favorite activities.

Finally, it will not be limited to pre-9/11 service related injuries, or even military. If you have an amputation, or are wheel chair bound, you can get out there with this group. For VA specific funding, participation will need to be limited to military participants. There is a good bit of support in the community, but the adaptive needs folks out there don’t necessarily know about the opportunities in their backyard.

Bob lives in Columbus, Ohio, so the initial effort will be here, but he is a hard working networker and has a far reaching vision. This group will partner with the City’s Parks and Rec adaptive recreation/sports program, local prosthetic device makers and interested individuals, for a wide range of activities.