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I’m just a climber, parent, I teach a little and I have worked with infrastructure for about 15 years. I still do a little mountain guiding, teaching and helping people climb mountains around the world. I’m not ex-military, or a therapy professional.

With the pressing need to help our returning military manage their challenges, we are educating ourselves on the issues. Sources have been suggested by therapy professionals, links off the Veterans Administration and American Psychological Assn. sites and and plain old bare handed research.

Like learning avalanche information, wilderness medical skills and knowledge; the challenges facing Veterans won’t come from any single source or quadrant. insight will require reading, courses and face to face connections. It will require changes in how I think, educating myself, insight into Veterans issues and (largely overlooked) how our society needs to take full ownership of our Vets struggles to come home.

If we stand back and see it as a government problem, it will not go away.

A part of the solution is community. We all need to patiently, and with care, reach out to them and support our Veterans.

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This is an engaging site with videos of (mostly) Veterans and how they are managing their trials. If you friend them, you get a new video every day or two. A good way to get first hand insight into PTSD.

Invisible Heroes: survivors of trauma and how they heal, Belleruth Naparstek
Recommended as the best book to introduce the topic of what PTSD is and its treatment.

The Veterans Administration has a site devoted to PTSD, the National Center for PTSD-
You could spend years in there.

Waking the Tiger: healing trauma, Peter Levine
Very readable and often recommended.

War and the Soul: healing our nation’s veterans from post- traumatic stress disorder, Edward Tick

Psychological First Aid, Medical Reserve Corps Field Operations Guide

The PTSD Workbook: simple, effective techniques for
overcoming traumatic stress symptoms, Mary Beth Williams

American Psychiatric Association
Here again, there is a lot here.