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The VA has a site up that is encouraging Veterans and their families to access help if things are not working. There is help out there.


…way back, before satellite phones (when a letter from K2 or Mt. Everest would take 3 weeks to get home), when everyone carried their share of the load, when only one expedition per route on any mountain was allowed, back in the days of cassette tapes, I would always bring a book by Studs Terkel.

One thick book, Hard Times, had a hundred, or better, regular people talking about how they got through the Great Depression. Another title, The American Dream explored what that meant to people.

The videos posted on Make The Connection, carry much the same power. Regular people, simple language and huge undertakings requiring a tenacious vision, could easily become a one-a-day viewing.

This is a brilliant site. The videos are soft spoken, with an understated authenticity, that are honest-to-God, soul stirring.