Why am I doing this? – Dan Sohner

I am doing this because I see an opportunity. I see a chance to do something with a direct initial effect and the potential to reciprocate. I see a new way of doing things in this project. I am a part of Ascents of Honor because, at its core, it is about teamwork and community.

For me, this project is a way to keep PTSD in the public conversation. It is a way to put a new face to a long standing disorder. The public has come to accept PTSD as a disorder of an older generation who was often never fully reintegrated into society. As far as this generation is concerned, it doesn’t have to be like that. Returning veterans (many of them are the same age I am) deserve the life they have envisioned. For all the sacrifices they made, it is our responsibility to help them return to their passions and interests.

I hope that through Keith’s climbs and this project, we can show people that this disorder can be dealt with in a strong community setting.