On Picking A Name

Starting a new project is easy. I just start pulling pieces together. It is an exciting time. Creation is happening almost effortlessly.

Then, eventually, this bucket we are shaping needs to hold water, present a strong image and, quickly and succinctly, make a statement.

“We need a name.” Oh, how I hate this part…

Brainstorming, blank sheets of paper, walking my dog, exhausting myself at some task; all in the hopes some name will emerge out of our collective subconscious.

Just like all the ways to make a serious mistake, all the good names have not been discovered yet.

Finally, I had to get past the name and get this project moving forward.  So I came up with something… bringthemallthewayhome.org

“Bring Them All The Way Home” – It wasn’t even a good name, but it wasn’t taken and, more importantly, I could move on. I looked at it on the computer screen for a week or so as we began building content.

Chris had a list of key words for our name, long ago. Finally, the name just had to go. I voiced my problem with it for the first time.

“In the middle, two different words jump out at me. Is it some deep-down urge, screaming out where I think ‘Home’  is?

Silence from Chris. He is very kind and diplomatic.

“Like, we think the place to bring them home to is, The Mall? They aren’t ‘Home’ until they are back happily shopping?”

“Yeah, I saw the same thing,” said Chris.

All I could do was hold my head in my hands. This thing is bound to fail right from the start… We need someone who knows what they are doing. What am I thinking?

“Alright, Chris, just pick one of your titles, and we will use that. Just make it plural, so we don’t doom Keith to only one climb.”

I sat in the rest stop for a few minutes more and scratched out yet another handful of names.

climbs to honor… ascents to honor… ascents of honor

Keith wanted to do good acts in the honor of his lost team. We only had a sense of what he felt, but would act to the best of our abilities.

Ascents of Honor… A Sense of Honor… Perfect! 

In your dark hours, when you think the game is lost, keep going. You never know what is going on out there.

Miracles happen to us every day.

They aren’t Papal-decree-written-on-fine-velum miracles, maybe. Often they are just simple reconfiguration of words.

Other times, a guy survives an IED detonation, when he shouldn’t have. While the rest of his team would die immediately, or shortly after.

And that guy wants to help others…?

What does that mean to me, that, somehow, Keith survived? I don’t have words for that. Nor can I comprehend the chances of surviving. All I know is, if a person survives such an event, they have something left to do here.

You help that come to fruition.