Why am I doing this? – Eldon Hallows

For me, mountains allow freedom. It is a place where I can go and be alone with fellow climbers, endure a good challenge, forget about the everyday stress of life, share a common goal with a team, enjoy beauty and give thanks to the one who has given it all to me.

So why am I involved in this climb…..freedom!  If it was not for our brave men and women, we would not have it. They go out everyday and perform the  unselfish act of defending our country, so that we can live freely and safely.  I was given a chance to be part of a team to help raise awareness of what happens with our wounded warriors and their families as life goes on after their duty has come to an end. My payback is no comparison to what they have given me, but it is an opportunity that I would never let pass. It is an honor to be given the chance to say thanks to all the soldiers.