The right person for the job

It would be nice if I was the right person for the job. If I had the degree and all the skills. But I don’t.

I’ve operated in rescue situations where I was the only one to take action in an arena well outside my comfort zone, be it medical, tactical decisions, or the balancing act of managing the whole situation.

It’s often not about being the right, or the best person for the job, it’s more like being the only person for miles around. In times like that, I question my every decision, struggling to understand the ramifications of one action against another before I make a fatal misjudgment, oversight or omission. I have spent many, many hours, simply trying not to make a terrible mistake.

I think in this situation, with our returning vets that is how we have to look at it. These folks can’t wait for the ideal person to show up. There simply aren’t enough to go around.

The therapy that can be provided is a large, essential value to suffering vets. We have to do what we can to lend comfort.

An operational cornerstone… Applying a very limited amount of exceptionally skilled, insightful expertise weighed against surrounding the issue with lots of ‘low tech’ support is often cheaper and more effective. If this situation is like most others we experience in life, a vast magnitude of tiny efforts, surrounding the node of a problem will have a huge impact on the position, or the comfort, or the security of that node of a problem.


In English… the therapy received will be vastly multiplied by everyone around ailing combat vets lending support, comfort, appreciation and understanding to the demons they are up against.

Make contact. Draw vets into a community of their dreams, passions or adventures. There are bound to be all kinds of interests coming home and matches in the community they live in. I would suspect human contact and caring and understanding is something therapy will never turn down.

It is going to take a certain amount of both.

This is a rescue. It just happens to be next door, instead of on a mountain, or some stormy remote sea. You are bound to find yourself in situations where you are out of your comfort zone.

Plenty of people want to fulfill the heroic potential in their lives. It is possible to hurt yourself, or others without some insight into what you are getting into.

This is what, right here and now, I plan to do:

  • Gain some insight into the situations returning vets are facing.
  • Gain technical skills to not increase their hurt, and hopefully, help.
  • Prepare myself to be a researcher, escort, comforter at times; to help them find a solution to their challenges. Remember, there are millions out there willing to help. You and I won’t have to be the answer.
  • There are plenty who will share what they know, their time and even more.
  • Be willing to enter a long term relationship.
  • I know it will be a continual learning process. It will take what it is going to take.

These are hard working, smart people. If they are stumped, we’d all better be prepared to dig deep and get creative on solutions. I know, if I had to go through what they did I, personally, would be struggling to do half as good as they are.

Frankly, it would be scary if they returned from all they have experienced, with a peaceful conscious.