In Your Back Yard

I was very lucky to have had a science teacher, Ed Shay, in high school. He was the kind of teacher who, in some small way, changed many of his students lives (a rare few, with science). Mostly, by how he approached teaching in general.

He would teach science, even chemistry, in a way so you could touch the topic and apply it in your life. In earth sciences, you would end up outside at a road cut, in a river valley, and often with slides of spectacular examples of earth forms he had photographed.

It clearly was a derivation of ‘think globally and act locally’. But, to a high school mind, it anchored new information so much more effectively.

So, when we have a hard time finding vets with our shared interests, we shouldn’t be distracted by the activity. Look down the street you live on, in the street behind yours, in your neighborhood. The VA and the medical profession are legally bound to keep identities confidential. We will have to make contact in other ways. We are unlikely to find them from afar.

Who are you near?

Get to know them. Maybe you will be a bridge to someone with a solid footing in a shared passion.

You never know how it will change the lives of those involoved, including your own.