Why am I doing this? – Andy Politz

Why am I doing this?

Long ago I climbed Mount Rainier with some Special Forces guys. It was, by far, the windiest conditions I have ever been out in, regardless of continent, latitude, or altitude.

In their eyes I saw the same brotherhood with fear, exhaustion and the need to perform regardless of their personal feelings you get in difficult situations we all know occasionally. Yet, this was in their job description.

They knew everything it took to operate my world. However, I only have the slightest inclination of what it takes to operate in theirs.

They sent me a coin from their operational group. It is one of the small handful of treasured keepsakes from forty years of climbing. It resides next to an old small hammer length ice axe that rode with me as I rattled down a chimney when the thin ice gave out, and a rock I found when walking down the artillery shelled ruins of the Shining City, outside of Shegar, Tibet. And this coin.

That is it for all the miles, pitches, thousands of feet and blisters.

It represents, to me, not an organization, instead a look in the eyes of those willing to stand between us, here at home, and harms way.
The beneficiary of our fund raising, is a parents greatest dream, that their kids will have a good life.

For those who were killed, this in in your honor, hoping your kids find the life you always dreamed for them.

For those injured, know the people in your community are pulling for you and will do everything in their power to help you out.
Shoot for the stars, people will help.

I’m doing this for all the guys out there with that look in their eyes and the kids that will have to grow up without being inspired by that look in their fathers or mothers eyes.

I can’t not do this.