Why am I doing this? – Jake St. Pierre

My name is Jake St. Pierre and I’m a climber from New Hampshire. It’s an honor to be a part of this climb for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. I remember going to Veterans Day parades when I was a kid, holding my grandfather’s hand. He was a navigator in WWII and is my best friend. I remember seeing the tears run down his face and I can not get enough of his stories. We talked about this upcoming climb and he is as proud as I am. I’ve been climbing things my whole life and it has turned into an obsession. When I’m not lost on some mountain, I work as a police officer and enjoy taking people climbing year round. I like seeing them overcome their fears and watch their confidence grow. I am looking forward to the Mt. Washington climb in January and any future climbs and events to raise awareness for this great cause. It’s a privilege to give something back to the men and woman who have sacrificed so much.