Mt. Washington Team

Who are we?

Keith Zeier, a retired Sgt. with the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion and the Marine Special Operations Battalion, is the Lead Instructor at the School of the Unstoppable, in the Tactics and Inspiration departments (sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I made that place up). Keith is in school at Columbia and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Andy Politz is heading up this project. Andy, a lifelong climber, still guides and teaches climbing a little bit and works in the natural gas industry, in Columbus, Ohio.

Chris Lanka is a coworker of Andy’s, a climber, is the principal website mechanic and Chief Reality Checker. Chris is a civil engineer in Columbus, Ohio.

Thom Pollard is the head cameraman, editor, a climber and Poor Unfortunate Local Point of the Spear (PULPS). Thom is a full-time adventure videographer out of North Conway, NH.

Craig John is our head climber and assistant PULPS. Craig is a musician and a well-traveled mountain guide, living in Maine.

Steph White is in charge of overall project safety, is one of our camera people and is providing backup medical support. Steph is shifting from a long career in wilderness based education to a more urban setting and lives in Dundee, Michigan.

Scott Blanchard is our number two climbing boss and works as a geologist, out of Columbus, Ohio.

Bill Miller is our number two cameraman, a climber and our chief medical person. Bill used to shoot documentaries around the world and guide. Mostly now, he is a nurse in a cardiac intensive care ward, in North Carolina.

JP Politz is our director, Chief Master of Storytelling. JP is an actor in New York.

Dan Sohner is a climber and a photojournalist out of Columbus, Ohio.

Jake St. Pierre is a police officer, climber and physical trainer out of Concord, NH.

Matt Upp is a contractor in the pipeline industry, climber and general, high stakes player of the game.

Eldon Hallows is a climber and underground electrical contractor, out of Waynesville, Ohio.

Mike Renz is a climber and works as a geologist out of Columbus, Ohio.

We are a pretty large crew to assure that no one gets too overworked on their vacation. We are first, going to be safe. Once that is assured, we strive to get the project completed. With folks of this caliber, the fun is in completing the project, no matter how much of a beating it dishes out.

A completed goal is a lifelong memory and stepping stone, far out weighing a few hours of hardship.

This… is a GREAT crew.